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The tour of the metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur in bike


The 20 June 2018
After 2 years of absence, the Tour Metropolis Nice Côte d'Azur is boosted to make live you an exceptional human and sports adventure! 3 stages near Auron, a time trial and 19 400 m of made uneven all in all.

This unique cycle rally-raid of 768 km on 7 stages, for one made uneven total of 19 400 meters, will offer you all that the bike moreover may.


With a departure and an arrival on Nice, the participants will so borrow the mythical collars of the territory of Nice Côte d'Azur and those who through the history built the legend of the biggest cycle races: the Collar of Eze which was the theater of so many exploits during Paris-Nice, but also the Collar of Tende or still the Collar of Turini.


They will also confront in one against the watch exceptional in the Collar of Bonette before concluding this extremely beautiful week on the Walk of the English people.


A magnificent challenge and especially not to be lacking!


Profiles - Regulation and Registrations: https://www.letourmetropolenicecotedazur.fr/fr/ 

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