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Bernard Persia and his orchestra


The 17 August 2020
From 09:00 pm
St Etienne de Tinée - Main square
Carried by talented, generous musicians, Bernard Persia takes us in his universe populated with memories, with cheerfulness and with sharing...

Throughout the summer season, the department of the Alpes-Maritimes welcomes artists and festivals in any kinds for most great pleasure of his inhabitants and the tourists. The culture for all and under all her forms, of the classic in the jazz, the literature in the works of museums, the singing in the dance, the theater in the cinema. The plentiful and eclectic programming gives rhythm to the evenings of thousands of maralpins, which reach free of charge quality shows in every corner of the territory.


" Bernard Persia and his orchestra " on August 17th at 9 pm on the place of St Etienne de Tinée's city hall.

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