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Religious patrimony

The village of Saint Etienne de Tinée has some treasures of religious history, thanks to its historic chapels containing amongst the prettiest frescoes of the region.

*St Sébastien chapel from 15th century

*Trinitaires chapel from 18th century

*St Maur chapel from 16th century

*The main church, reconstructed in the 18th century, with its religious art museum.

 A guide of the religious heritage is on sale at the tourist offices of Auron and Saint Etienne de Tinée for 2€



Discover the history and the daily life of our ancestors of the Tinée Valley through the museum of traditions, of the milk, of the school, and of the windmill.



Chapels and Museums visits

Guided tour on wednesday and friday : 10 am : Chapels

                                                         6 pm : Museums

Free entrance (tips are always welcome)

No reservations, simply be in front of the tourist office at those hours.

For further information:
Tourist office St Étienne de Tinée : +33(0)4 93 02 41 96
Tourist office Auron : +33(0)4 93 23 02 66

Office de Tourisme of station d'Auron
Grange Cossa - 06660 Auron
Email : info.auron@nicecotedazurtourisme.com
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