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Date : 18/11/2018 Temperature : -4° / -1°
Vent matin : Vent assez fort Vent après-midi : Vent assez fort

Center of information and Traffic management
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Information of the users: www.inforoutes06.fr

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Road conditions

- Tinée: clear Road, normal traffic.


The roads of the collar of Bonette -- RM on 2205 - municipality of St Dalmas le Selvage, the highest intervalley road of Europe (2802 meters in height) - and collar of the Lombard are opened to the summer traffic since June 2nd, 2018 and it as long as weather conditions allow it.


The collar of Bonette (RM 2205/Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage) is opened to the two-way traffic of 10 hours at 8 pm, every day, from October 8th, 2018, for an indefinite duration (night closure, of 20 hours at 10 am).


The part sommitale of Bonette is closed in the traffic for the wintry period (in the daytime and at night) as from 5/10/2018 at 8 pm.


The access until Bousiéyas remains open.


The Tracks of Demandols, Moutière and Gialorgues are passable carefully in all-road vehicle for the summer period (as long as weather conditions allow it).



Watch out! GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEMS do not take into account wintry dues closures at the high height.



Animals sometimes cross our mountain roads in the daytime and at night.




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